The geeks get together for another fun dinner. This time, they're hot and heavy to talk about Jurassic World.  The Geeks also talk about Ron's white line fever as he recaps his trip to EternalCon to meet the Two True Freaks crew!  THis segues into a discussion of the upcoming Jekyll COmic COn, which, for those interested and youn should be, will be held December 12th on Jekyll Island!


THis episode of Dinner 4 Geeks was recorded 6/18/15 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak in Brunswick, GA.

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Think you know everything about world-renowned megafan Steve Sasweet?  Think again!



Steve Sansweet is the author of nearly 20 books on the subject of Star Wars and is the CEO of Rancho Obi-Wan, owner of the Guinness-certified world’s largest Star Wars collection and museum. TO help support Rancho Obi Wan, you can make a tax deductible donation to You’re also invited to join the discussion on Rancho Obi-Wan’s Facebook page at


Some elements of the conversation with Steve Sansweet were not directly relevant to his Star Wars story and were edited from the podcast. Some of the more interesting segments that were removed are included after the credits as bonus material.


To tell your Star Wars Story, email your contact information to Like My Star Wars Story on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. If you liked My Star Wars Story, please be sure to leave a review in the iTunes store.  It will help more people find the podcast. Please join us next time when Ryder Waldron will share his Star Wars Story. Thank you for listening to My Star Wars Story and thank you for being a part of generation Star Wars.


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As we try to atone for Episode 100, the geeks find that something is a bit...odd about Ron's shirt. Scott decides to randomly live score the episode, much to Ryan's chagrin.

Jeff bemoans the loss of the Savannah sand Gnats.

Ryan shows off his new Japanese imported snap together models of R2-D2 and R5-D4.

Ryan opens Mark Kalmbach's amazing gift.

Ron wonders why they only remake good movies, instead of the bad ones. IN other words, why do they remake the ones they got right instead of trying to correct the mistakes of the ones they got wrong.

The Geeks don't say goodbye to David Letterman, becasue they said goodbye to him 15 years ago.

This Episode of D4G was recorded at Zachry's Seafood and Steaks on 5/21/14.

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Episode 100: #D4GCentury

Hooo-kay, you've waited a loing time for this,'s probably not worth the wait, but still, it's got a lot of fun moments, like Ron's first time inside the Star Wars Battle Pod! Yes, you actually go into the Battle Pod with Ron and ride...somewhere near his crotch, I think.  Best not to think about it.


Plus, you get to hear the entire trip down to Dave & BUster's, though it's reallly hard to hear, and as a bonus, we open with a recent dinner to let you know the Geeks are, in fact, still eating!

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