Episode 28: What's My Beef, Geeks?

Ryan recaps his alcohol-fueled trip to Puerto Rico and discusses the new Star Trek internet productions.  The guys engage in a live internet meme.  How do you treat bad movies, like, say, Never Too Young to Die?  We have to explain what Dial MTV was to Ryan.  Scott's big rant is EU-related and places a target squarely on Timothy Zahn. Jeff spars over the Star Trek movies vs. Voyager.

We're compiling a listener questions episode.  ANY questions whatsoever can be emailed to dinner4geeks@gmail.com


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I got an opportunity to interview MAD Magazine legend Nick Meglin to promote an upcoming panel to celebrate the work of Jack Davis.  The panel will be August 1st at 5:30pm, followed by a reception at 6:30pm.  Tickets are available at http://glynnart.org .

Feedback: dinner4geeks@gmail.com

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Episode 27: Ron's JAWS of Doom

Ronald hated Jaws...the book not that television horseshit.  He tell us in exacting detail why.  Scott recaps a few of the high- and low-lights of his recent trip to New York City.  Jeff talks about Seinfeld and Letterman together.  And teh Sears Wish Book plays an important role in our childhoods.

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Here it is!  The audio of the Dinner 4 Geeks panel at Ancient City Con 7 in Jacksonville, Florida.  We paid good gas moeny to drive down and we even had to buy tickets to the convention to get in to host our panel (I wish I were kidding about that), and we had practically no one in the room who wasn't related to one of us.  One the other hand, we had teh room to ourselves, the acoustics were great, and we had a good laugh at all the people who poked their heads in teh  door thinking we were SERVING a dinner for geeks.  Along the way, we discuss cons in general and Man of Steel! 

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The title of the episode is used but is only tangential to the action.  However, it does sound like one of the all-time greatest pickup lines, so we used it for the episode title.  For the second week in a row, Ron misses the show, so Jeff (FINALLY) gets his geek brother to do the show with us.  What follows is basically us conducting a Mike Douglas Show-style interview with him.  Along the way we geek out about Star Trek, You Can't Do That on Television, Big Bang Theory, Action Figures, Marvel Comics, Cinefantastique, and a WHOLE lot more!

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