The Geeks have a discussion about why in the world you can't, in this day and age, get any MP3 you want, which leads into a discussion of people's Holy Grail items on their wish list.  Jeff gives a Numerology lecture.  Ron drinks.  And drinks.

Updated to eliminate an audio error at the beginning.

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The Geeks come to grips with the fact that a large number of the people they talk about on the show die shortly after they are discussed on the program.  Of course, most of these people are in their 80s or 90s or are gravely ill, but still... Scott remembers being dressed down by Greg Brady... Ryan looks a stranger up in the phone book at 1am and calls him!  Ron has a fit over a box of Star Wars fruit snacks... Jeff is prepared to discuss sequels that enhace and sequels that harm the legacies of the originals.

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The early, early days of Star Wars Action Figures.  A recap of Scott's dramatic solo victory at Star Wars Trivia Night.  Anchorman 2 is in Brunswick filming and the locals are all atwitter.  The mysterious saga of JJ Armes.  Ron continues his defense of Tales of the Gold Monkey.  Then the podcast goes somewhere no podcast ever should...  We're warning you now...

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Theories on Doctor Who's 50th anniversary specials.  What did the geeks think of before anyone else?  This leads to a discussion about what would you reboot and how?   Jeff insists he has a cameo in Kingdom Come.  The 3-D printer.  Visit us on facebook at .  Email us at!

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