Ron's missing!  As in, not there, so all you Ron fans are in for a big disappointment.  What do you mean which one is he?  Jeff and Scott reminisce about 4th of July and Jeff's birthday and the connection between the two.  And Ryan reminisces about that terrific Velvet Jones movie.

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Scott recaps a trip to Star Wars Weekends, which does include his full 31 inches of awesomeness.  Ron went to the barber.  After we slagged Star Trek Into Darkness the week before, Ryan decided to see it!  Wha--?  Jeff gets into Game of Thrones and some of the major events.

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Episode 22: Fuhrerpalooza

Yes, for whatever reason everything leads back to a Hitler joke.  Are hitlers jokes appropriate?  Probably not, but what the hell?  It's just dinner, right?  We get Ron's take on Star Trek Into Darkness.  The sad, sad, sad history of toy adapatations leads to a discussion about what kind of toy adaptation Ryan would like to make.  And for good measure, since making repeated Hitler jokes wasn't enough, we start making a few racist jokes, too!  I would say you had to be there, but through the magic of podcasting you ARE there.  God help you.

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No, seriously, this episode is about spoilers and how sacred they are, and what the shelf life is on them.  That having been said, we discuss a LOT of classic spoilers.  If you haven't seen Lost, Soylent Green, Citizen Kane (first time those two were ever uttered in the same sentence, I'll bet!), The Empire Strikes Back, The Sixth Sense, The Crying Game, or Planet of teh Apes, turn back now!  Don't say we didn't warn you.  However, we do talk about spoilers within the context of Star Trek Into Darkness and somehow manage to NOT ruin it!

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the Geeks revisit Scott's belief that weveryone has a super power, no matter how insignificant.  His is the Naked Hex, which somehow leads to a discussion of Harvey Keitel's porpensity for nudity...don't ask, jsut listen.  Then it ADDs itself right into a talk baout the Star Wars Holiday Special, which segues into KISS Meets the Phantom and the realization that these two TV gems aired within a few weeks of each other!  Atari 2600s, 5600s, and 7800s get their moment on this episode of D4G, as does Kool-Aid man!

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