Episode 67: Oliver Stone's JFK v Godzilla

Well, Ryan’s got teeth to make, so this week we bring in a Guest Geek Scott has been threatening to bring in for some time now, a young fella named Matt Colvin, and Matt knocks it out of the park.  Most of the discussion centers on the recent Godzilla movie with a little of our usual side trips sprinkled in for fun!


This episode of Dinner 4 Geeks was recorded 5/22/14 at Zachry’s Seafood and Steak. http://zachrys-restaurant.com in Brunswick, GA.


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This week, the Geeks getinto a rant about the "diversity" issue with the Star Wars VII cast.  They also jump headlong into a discussion of their siblings and whether or not they share their geekiness.  And THEN Ron talks about his childhood days as a gold miner in Alaska.  I wish I were kidding, but I'm not.

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This week!  Finally!  Thank God!  We have a winner!  The Final Four Geeks comes to a fiery and spectacular conclusion as we pick a winner.  Will it be Star Wars Episode IV or Doctor Who?  Come on, you're not an idiot.  FIgure it out for yourself.  Also, we give away the Raiders of the Lost Ark poster signed by Dennis Muren and Ben Burtt!  Plus we announce our next big shameless ploy to get five-star votes!  We also get heavy into this Star Wars thing: from the casting announcements to the destruction of the EU.  And Jack is back and the Geeks react to the return of 24!

This episode of Dinner 4 Geeks was recorded live 5/6/14 at Loco's Grill and Pub on St. Simons Island, GA. http://locosgrill.com

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Episode 64: And Then There Were Two...

The Final Four Geeks is narrowed down to two!  Heck, we may choose a winner before next year's starts!  This week we talk about Jeff and Ron's appearance on Back to the Bins, the seldom-seen film Odd Jobs, the Veronica Mars movie, Gravity, AND we launch into a feud with another podcast!

This episode of the Dinner 4 Geeks was recorded live 5/1/14 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak in Brunswick, GA.  http://zachrys-restaurant.com

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