Episode 7: Schrodinger's Helicopter

What one thing did everyone want but never get?  The Sears Christmas Catalog before we liked the lingerie pages.  Ryan's Matchbox helicopter's sad fate.  Why isn't Close Encounters relevant anymore?  

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Episode 6: Is JJ Dy-no-mite?

The show was recorded over a dinner shortlay after the news broke that JJ Abrams was indeed the guy who was going to helm at least Episode VII.  The guys respond to it.  The guys also get into a knock down dragout fight about the flaws in the prequel trilogy with the unlikeliest of people laying into the prequels.  This one is just fun on top of fun!

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Episode 5: Darn Nation Alley

Ron brings in a stack of Starlog magazines that show they missed the Star Wars boat by a mile.  Jeff uncovers the secret history of the little-known SR Comics Group.  Ryan is all about the Batmobile.  Scott recals his first trip to see Star Wars...and his second one.  And there is enough crosstalk and utensil noise to drive you as crazy as a Tatooine Sand-bat.

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Episode 4

FOUR GEEKS!!!  At long last!!!  And we get off to a rousing start by talking about....Butch and Sundance action figures?  Plus, we revisit what it would take to drop Star Wars, Scott's time capsule,  puppet blindness and puppet phobia and more!

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Episode 3

Ryan's missing again, so once more the Geek count stands at three.  This week we talk Amazing Stories, the one Geek goodie that has never been made, and what would make us drop Star Wars.  Just so you know when yo hear it, Lou Gossett Jr did appear on the Twilight Zone Radio Dramas.

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Episode 2

THIS time Jeff is missing!  We STILL don't have four geeks!  Still, it's another fun dinner with the Geeks.  Ron can't let go of his Twilight Zone thoughts, and the guys ponder SNL's politics, discuss James Bond theory, and Burton's Batman.  And, of course, Star Wars always does and always will come up frequently.

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