Episode 75: That's MS. Femforce to YOU

Well, here we are.  75 dinners with the geeks.  And to be honest, at least half of us thought we'd never get this far.  Strange coincidence, exactly half of us are missing for this episode, but we've brought along our youngfrineds Matt and Sam to fill the Geek Seats, and they do a terrific job.  We talk a little about Entertainment Weekly Avengers cover story, some of the fantastic offerings from TwoMorrows Publishing, the fact that Books-a-Million can't do math, what it will take for digital to kill print, Matt tells the story of the time George Perez hugged him (great story!), the problem with comic shops, teh Star Wars black series Bespin Luke figure, web surfing and driving, the effect of getting older on collecting, Scott's official yet unofficial Star Wars Christmas CD, Correspondence with Meco, The Falcon as Cap and a chick Thor, what ever happened to the Domino's Pizza archvillain the Noid, the pronunciation of Ms. Tree's name, Futurama and Seinfeld, the death of Marvel Essentials and what's next, and the sad story of Miracle Phone.  Seriously.  That's all in one episode.  Don't ask me how, but we did it.

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Episode 74: Misssissippi Jackson-An Assistant Editor's Month Spectacular

All right, so here goes.  This is truly an assistant editor's masterpiece if ever there was one.  I (Scott) was out of town last week and the guys decided to fly without me.  Yes, the episode is late, because, well, it's assistant editor's month.  And no, I have not heard it at all.  I am uploading is sight unseen, er, unheard. God help us all...

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The title says it all! Or does it?

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Okay, Apes months was last month, but we were having trouble getting together during June, so we had to do it near the end of June.  And then, Scott had to travel seven hours to Pensacola when he would have rather been subjecting himself to the torture of editing this show.  So, at long last, it's here.  And if you think we stick to Apes for the entire show, then you haven't listened to D4G before.  Welcome aboard.  It's a fun ride!

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