Dinner 4 Geeks Episode 125: Monkeying Around

It’s just two geeks this week, as Scott and Ron sit down to a dinner and let their minds wander in a stunning display of cogent stream of consciousness. However, it always winds up circling around to monkeys. Or Hitler, but I think that was a given.

Plus we talk about:

Absorbine, Jr.

Greg Brady’s move to the attic

Dan Curtis’s Ouvre

George Romero’s Mar’in

We try to sort out the difference between Timothy and Joseph Bottoms

Ronald’s eBay find of a Planet of the Apes short story collection

The Hitler Rap

This edition of D4G was actually recorded this year! 1/12/17 at Zachry’s Seafood and Steak.


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Inspired by the once upon a time ABC "black" Odd Couple sitcom, Scott begins envisioning multi-ethnic recasting of classic TV shows.

The, er, ahem, upcoming Peanuts movie is discussed.

Ryan shares painful anecdotes about the time Jack Davis moved to Georgia.

the G-Man enjoys some background time and Mrs. Shaw shows up as well...

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The Geeks had a reaction to the trailer for the Force Awakens. You know,  the one that aired during Monday Night Football? The one that was, like, over a year ago?


They also discuss how they plan to end the show when the day finally comes to put this podcast out of its misery.

Jeff and Scott compare notes on having seen John Cleese and Eric Idle live in two different cities the same week.

They also talk Football, Ac/DC, the Cult, Jimmy Page, Concerts, and a whole bunch of other stuff Ryan won't participate in discussing.

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The Geeks are joined by Uncle Daddy as they discus the 2015 San Diego Comic Con 9yes, it's an older dinner). And they wait, while Jeff takes care of business so Scott can give him his birthday gift.  It's worth the price of admission.


This episode of D4G was recorded live at Zachry's Seafood and Steak on 7/09/15. http://zachrys-restaurant.com

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The Geeks bid fond(ish) farewell to 2016 along with guest geek Thomas! We talk Carrie Fisher and the Twitter controversies surrounding her death, more Rogue One discussion, and more geekiness s we close out the year and look forward to a new one...one that may actually have some episodes.

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