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The guys were reviewed by website Roqoo Depot! It was a very...not spectaular review.  The Geeks review their review and then move on to a rousing discussion of the board games of their past.


This episode of D4G was recorded 1/15/15 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak in Brunswick, GA


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I have no idea why, but variations on this phrase keep coming up throughout the show. This week, the geeks talk life, relationships, and old video games. Scott then begins to unspool a semi-encyclopedic knowledge of Cinemax movies, much to the other guys' horror.

This episode of D4G was recorded at Zachry's Seafood and Steak on 1/8/15.

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Much like Marvel's Star Wars number 100, this episode was recorded before the last episode. IN this episode, we explain the mysterious childhood friend of Jeff's named Bey who mysteriously showed up and betrayed the Geeks last week and how he mysteriously appeared on the show.

Leave it to us to make a gag that only, like, five Marvel Star Wars geeks will get for our show description.  Just listen to it.  It's a fun episode.
This episode of Dinner 4 Geeks was recorded on December 4, 2015 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak.

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Episode 90: Pac-Man Cereal!

The Geeks enjoy a New Year's Day meal and look who joined the fray! It's Geek out Loud host Steve Glosson, bringing his uniquely twisted brain to the proceedings. What do we talk about this program? Well, among other things, BREAKFAST CEREAL! We've been waiting to do this for some time, and Steve told us we weren't allowed to do it without him! Pull up a bowl and enjoy!

This episode of Dinner 4 Geeks was recorded on January 1, 2015 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak.

Steve Glosson and his GOLiverse podcasts can be found at and at

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