Guest geeks Matt and Sam join us again as Ron goes AWOL for Scout Camp. Ryan comes in complaining about his new ReAction Rocketeer action figures.  This obviously leaves him in a sad mood as he starts to inquire of our younger guest geeks about the national tragedies they'd endured.  After that we take a run through the mailbag.  I'll tell you what is terrific.  When we first started this podcast, we were desperate for an email.  NOw, we get more than we can keep up with!  Keep them coming. . 


This episode of Dinner 4 Geeks was recorded live 6/19/14 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak.

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This week we're joined by our guest Geek Godzilla!  Actually it's the Jakks Pacific giant Godzilla brought along by one of our Guest Geeks this week.  Jeff had prior commitments, so it took TWO guest geeks to fill his seat (ahem).  Matt Colvin returns and brings with him Sam Arbo! RYan makes sure to give Scott giref over his brand new Dinner 4 Geeks t-shirt (which can be found at the D4G shop at, then Ron makes a correction to Scott's scomments on teh Two True Freaks roundtable, but makes an error himself.  Then we get gneerational, tlaking about the differences in Khan preference amongst generations and we try to explain to the kids about the world BSW (Before Star Wars). Oh, and Scott waxes poetically about a podcast he has fallen in love with, Star Wars Oxygen).  Sit back, order an entree and let's have dinner!

This episode of Dinner 4 Geeks was recorded live 6/12/14 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak. 

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Hey, everybody.  Ryfun here. Sorry, I couldn't resist.  Remember when we did the Final Four Geeks?  Well, at that time, you may have noticed a shift to a closer to day and date release schedule...or maybe you didn't.  Either way, we had actually shifted to a "week of" release schedule in order to maximize our conversations about current events.  However, this left a couple of unused epiosodes in the hopper.  Like this one, for example.  And, well, this week, three of the four geeks took off on me, so we couldn't record. So you get this instead. And to tell you the truth, I'm glad we finally got to share this one with you.  We recorded it back in March, and we talk about the future of action figures, and close strong with Atari 2600 nostalgia that goes, as is typical for us, nowhere you'd think it would, but yet, is golden!

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Oh, the trouble with selling scooters on Craig's List.  And that's not a euphemism. Then the talk is about toys and what it it took to make a toy get our nattention, what we did with them, and how we paid for them. Jeff and Scott discuss the anniversary 2-CD set KISS40. And then our attention turns to our comments on X-Men: Days of Future Past. Ron's off next week, so enjoy him while you can!

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