Episode 46: Freeballin'

Yes, we released this one a little early.  Ryfun has to do his husbandly duties and go on an anniversary trip with the missus (to Walt Disney World, of course), and we didn’t want to sit on this one.  You'll understand when you hear it.  It’s good stuff!  The geeks discuss the release date for Episode VII!  We also talk about the Six Million Dollar Man and Godzilla.  We also have a genuine Bob Hope-style walk on.  Well, actually, more like a Dean Martin-style walk-on, but still…  Plus, is there a moratorium on “that’s what she said”?!?  If so, the length of the podcast will drop by half!

This episode of D4G was recorded live 11/7/13 at Zachry’s Seafood and Steak in Brunswick, GA.  http://www.zachrys-seafood.com/.  Visit us on facebook at http://facebook.com/dinner4geeks

We have a new email address!!  It’s geeks@dinner4geeks.com

And in this episode we establish that there are fans of Ron’s beard.  It now has a new email address as well! ronsbeard@dinner4geeks.com

Email for Ryan’s crutch phrase should go to whatsitcalled@dinner4geeks.com

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