Here it is! For those of you who have been patient with us as we allowed real life to interfere with our release schedule, we're rewarding (punishing?) you with A Week of Geeks! Each day for the next week, you'll hear a brand new episode of Dinner 4 Geeks. That means you'll get seven episodes in a row, more than we released in the second half of last year! And these episodes go wayyyyy back.  See, it's not that we haven't been having dinner. We just haven't had the time to edit the dinners into a somewhat listenable podcast. We're not promising the release schedule will be roses from here out, but we CAN say that we have over 30 dinners we haven't released and we're still recording nearly every single week, so we still have a lot to say! A lot of it is redundant and inane, but we use a lot of words when we do it.

In this episode, Scott thinks it'll be a neat idea to give his fellow geeks some prizes if they can answer Star Wars trivia questions. However, he buys a cheap ebook to get the questions from and the book proves near-incomprehensible! Stubborn to the end, Scott refuses to drop and the Geeks embark upon a maddening, frustrating Star Wars trivia quiz.


This Episode of D4G was recorded on 10/15/15 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak.

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