The Geeks had a reaction to the trailer for the Force Awakens. You know,  the one that aired during Monday Night Football? The one that was, like, over a year ago?


They also discuss how they plan to end the show when the day finally comes to put this podcast out of its misery.

Jeff and Scott compare notes on having seen John Cleese and Eric Idle live in two different cities the same week.

They also talk Football, Ac/DC, the Cult, Jimmy Page, Concerts, and a whole bunch of other stuff Ryan won't participate in discussing.

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The Geeks are joined by Uncle Daddy as they discus the 2015 San Diego Comic Con 9yes, it's an older dinner). And they wait, while Jeff takes care of business so Scott can give him his birthday gift.  It's worth the price of admission.


This episode of D4G was recorded live at Zachry's Seafood and Steak on 7/09/15.

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The Geeks bid fond(ish) farewell to 2016 along with guest geek Thomas! We talk Carrie Fisher and the Twitter controversies surrounding her death, more Rogue One discussion, and more geekiness s we close out the year and look forward to a new that may actually have some episodes.

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Join Steve Glosson (Geek Out Loud!), Shazbazzar (TechnoRetro Dads), and DInner 4 Geeks cast member Scott Ryfun as they take in a screening of Rogue One and offer their insightful wit and commentary. You may never see Rogue One the same way again. Feel free to download this track, plug in your earbuds, and take it into your local theater for your next screening of Rogue One. We even include instructions for syncing the film to the podcast! Or you can listen to it as a standalone commentary, your call.


During the end credits we discuss the news (which had JUST come out as we were working on this) of the passing of Carrie Fisher.

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Find TechnoRetro Dads at

If you're reading this you've already found Dinner 4 Geeks.

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It's a Christmas Miracle! Not an imaginary story! Not a hoax! The Geeks are back and they're talking about Rogue One! They're also exchanging Christmas gifts.  Wait till you hear it!


This episode of D4G was recorded live at Zachry's Seafood and Steak.


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Enjoy the holidays with this new take on a Christmas classic! D4G's own Scott Ryfun plays George Bailey, Doug and PB&J Otter creator Jim Jinkins plays Clarence the Angel, and Deal or No Deal winner and former Brunswick, GA Mayor Bryan Thompson plays Joseph and Mr. Potter. A very talented local Brunswick, GA cast helps bring this tale to life!

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This episode has been sitting completed for a few months, but I was waiting until we got a few more finished to put it out.  HOWEVER, our beloved Mark Kalmbach proclaimed us "late" and I don't think he meant we were behind schedule. I think he thought we were dead. Well, we may be dying, but we're not dead yet.


This episode of D4G was recorded live 6/25/15 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak.


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A Week of Geeks concludes, but we'll be back soon!

Harry Shearer is leaving the Simpsons?!? Say it ain't so!

And is there REALLY more than one way to pronounce Cap'n Crunch?!

This episode of D4G was recorded 5/14/15 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak.



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Yes, ANOTHER D4G, as a Week of Geeks continues!

In this episode, Scott tells a tale of a Free Comic Book Day tragedy and why he didn't make it this year. Ron, on the other hand, DID make it and shares the results of his haul.

Ryan, who keeps swearing off Star Wars collecting allllllllmost bought an ANOVO Stormtrooper costume.


This episode of D4G was recorded 5/07/15 at Zachry's Seafood and Steak.

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A Week of Geeks continues unabated!

The Geeks delve into a HUGE variety of topics! The, er, upcoming? Fant4stic movie, the ACTUALLY STILL upcoming Batman V Stiviano, Christopher Nolan, Kingsmen, the Flash, Green Day, and Scott's refusal to give Jimi Hendrix an ounce of credit for anything.


This episode of Dinner 4 Geeks was recorded 4/23/15 at Zachry's Seafood and Steaks.


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